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Here’s where you can find our affiliate links to Amazon for products we use.

If you would like to purchase any of the things you see us use please click on one of these pictures.  Doing that helps us pay the bills, try out new stuff, and keeps gas in the tank.

Thanks,  Dan and Brenda.

The Folding Camp Table

Ecozoom Rocketstove

Coleman Oven

The hammocks we use and more

Here’s a link to the Sawyer brand water filtering products we use.

My favorite coffee cup with the carabiner handle.

The WOOD GAS backpacking stove.

Here’s a mobile radio I use with good results.

It can be programmed VHF & UHF frequencies. This means ham, MURS, FRS/GMRS, and many other frequencies. I recommend NOT using this radio in any illegal fashion.

And of course a walkie-talkie. The popular and versitle Baofeng UV-5r. Same capabilities as the mobile above.

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Travels and tips for being off-grid

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