Forest singing bowl meditation

I’ve been working on a meditation track for a while.

So here’s a teaser of whats to come. This has been compiled over many miles and places from Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and even my home studio in Kentucky. I recorded all the elements live on the road and in the forest. So please enjoy, slip on headphones or earbuds for the most immersive effect. Yes, this is just the teaser I will post longer track after a little more production.

I FINISHED THE TRACK!  It’s almost twelve minutes long.

So, plug in the earbuds or slip on some ‘phones.

It includes sounds recorded in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. So, here’s the link…

If you would like to download this file send me a message with your E-mail.  I’ll return a link with permissions to download.  I’m sorry I can’t just leave it open for public download, I’ve had past problems.    ~~Thanks, Dan~~

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