Thanksgiving came early

     Thanksgiving came early around the Cordray camp.  We camped about 28 miles east of Durango, CO in the San Juan Nat’l Forest on the bank of the Piedra River.  If the beauty of this place, the sound of the river rapids, and the songs of many different birds wasn’t enough, it got better.09051907392

     We had a hunter camped near us that was there bear hunting.  As he was leaving, he stopped and gave us a turkey he had shot.  He said that his wife didn’t care too much for wild game.  I told him thank-you and we will definitely enjoy that fine blessing.

     I set about gathering firewood before I plucked and cleaned this bird.  I need to say right here that I went in the brush a good bit away from our camp to complete this task.  09031919022You see those little bear cub tracks were in the mud about 60 yards upstream from our camp.

      Remember the campfire pot jack I bought from Blacksmith Curtis Green?

Check outhis Facebook page:

Made in Chama, Not China


Now was a chance to try it out.  My tripod that normally hangs my grill wouldn’t work with the raised rock fire ring in this camp.

     It worked really well to wire my grill to the stand, so let’s get started!0904191303~2

     The breast and the thigh/drumstick were rubbed with a rub Brenda had whipped up.  Here it is, Fiesta brand chicken seasoning, thyme, rosemary, fresh ground pepper, onion powder, and mixed in olive oil.0904191320~3.jpg

     I’m not going to be able to say much about how this smelled while it was cooking, but I’ll show you the pictures.

    We grilled the drumsticks completely and put the breasts in foil with butter and seasoning to let them finish.  0904191346a~2Throw on some broccoli to grill and we were set.

     Yes, Thanksgiving came early.  So, the only thing left for us to do was give thanks and eat.

Get Out, Be Safe and

Go Adventure.