Singing Bowl

On our trip to visit friends and family in Texas I had the chance to not only record but also to play a Tibetan Singing Bowl.  While it was fascinating to get the chance to play this instrument of meditation, I wasn’t clear of its origin or original purpose.  So, after doing a little research here’s one of the better articles I found.  It is an interview between Rain Gray and Lama Lobsang Molam, a Tibetan monk born in Lhasa, Tibet.

Here’s the Link… Interview with Rain Gray

Brenda’s friend Donna was delighted to see an old friend, and get the chance to play the bowl for me.


It was a great time of sharing stories and past histories and watching these two laugh and enjoy each others’ company.  It was a real delight to hear and watch Donna make the bowl sing.  We were recording in her meditation room, a special place set aside for renewal of the spirit.  I want to tell her thank-you for allowing me to use her space for recording.  I think that recording in this energy filled room made it extra special.




After hearing the beautiful tones the bowl produced in her hands I asked if I could try and make it sing.

 It was a very soothing experience holding the bowl as it produced the tones while I tried to follow her form.    Of course I had to experiment with mic placement, setting the bowl on different surfaces, techniques, and in the end holding it in my hand produced the best sound. And, the best feeling while the bowl sang to me.

What a great time we had producing a recorded loop of the bowl for meditation purposes.  I’m putting the loop in the “Road Noise” section of the blog.  Here’s a link to the recording that is about 30 minutes long.

Once again until next time…

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