This must be the place…


Just as the sign said, “This must be the place”.

Brenda and I found this unique place while taking a day trip during the GTG in Ala.   This place definitely caught our interest as we drove by… DSC_1654

Wooden mules driving the Tin Man…


A whole army of Tin Men…  Including a “Lineman for the county”

DSC_1662 DSC_1661

What about a monkey wrench with a  “Baby Monkey Wrench”?  He built this in response to a conversation with Larry the Cable Guy.  Speaking of ‘critters…DSC_1657DSC_1658

There were green alligators and pink flamingos.  And they were all hanging out around the windmill.DSC_1647

Now before you accuse me of picking the wrong mushrooms from the forest, let me explain.  Brown’s Folk Art is a real place and he actually sells some of his pieces.  He also has treehouse cabins to rent up on the mountain behind his “open air museum”.  You can visit his Facebook page here at Brown’s FolkArt to see some pictures and learn more about this unique place, or give him a call at 256.437.1114.

That about wraps up one stop on our “day trip”.  Next time we’ll take a look at some abandoned quarry/mine pictures and a historic railroad stop.

So until then…

Be Safe, Get Out, and Go Adventure

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