Gypsy Jane sings us original songs

While at the Southeast GTG  (that’s ‘Get ToGether” for those who don’t know)  Gypsy Jane aka: Jane Cassidy, joined us and shared some of her music.  Now her’s is not just any music, it’s original and full of life’s stories.  Some of these stories are comical and bring a chuckle and some are full of wisdom from a life well lived and cause you to reflect.  All of them are purely Jane.

I’m not going to write a lot here, instead I’ll provide some audio and some links to the video of our time around the campfire with Jane.  So slap on some headphones or plug in your earbuds and join us for the live concert under Cuzzin’ Dyck’s tarp’s fluttering in the breeze blowing through Racoon Creek…

Movin’ On made perfect sense to the bunch of vandwellers gathered around this fire. Native American Heart expresses feelings that I can’t put to words. Thanks, Jane. Tongue -in-cheek she proclaims a truth for all to hear in Walmart. 

Now as you heard Jane does have cd’s available for perchase and her songs can be downloaded from Amazon.  So help support her as she travels and continues to write.
Buffalo womanVISIT: Gypsy Jane/Buffalo Woman  and Recovery Songs

As promised here are some links to You tube videos of this epic event.   😉

Walmart song

Aren’t ya lonely song


And as we get ready to head out to the Mountain Mushroom Festival I encourage all of you to…

Get Out, Be Safe, and Go Adventure!


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