“Shut Up & Grow It” Part Three

We left off cooking breakfast and talking about the resources these guys were developing.  So let’s look at a few more things around the “farm”, like a couple of buildings… and of course the mud.  Though it wasn’t raining most of the time we were there it had rained for days before.  And we dodged the front edge of the storm as we headed east.

Cleanliness is a virtue, as Brenda points out.
Cleanliness is a virtue, as Brenda points out.

The community shower is supplied with solar heated water from a large container up the hill.  So that gives them probably 40′ or more drop to build real good water pressure.  And the Tennessee winters help to conserve water since the showers are open.

I found the very important building and brought along my own V.I.P.
I found the very important building and brought along my own V.I.P.

Another aspect of off-grid living is dealing with your own waste.  They have three outhouses on site.  Let me explain, it’s not that there’s that much poop, but you do have to rotate these things.  One is closed, one is covered over with the house removed and one is a very fine “two-seater”.  The ladies side is a little more enclosed for privacy than the guys.  What can I say?

This was the one closed down.
This was the one closed down.

So as time marches on the building of new things continues…

The beginnings of a new community. Did I mention there was mud?
The beginnings of a new community. Did I mention there was mud?

This is the community learning center that is being built.  You know those old tires that are just thrown away or cost a disposal charge?  That pile to the right is the beginning of a “rammed-earth” wall.  There were several examples of renewable or re-usable technology here.  The conversations in the kitchen and around the campfire reflected the ideas and dreams of where this community is headed.  The children are being home-schooled with “traditional” education and learning a better way by living their lives with those that love and teach them.  They had a library stocked with all manner of books from  fiction to philosophy to “how-to” books on building and farming.  One of the two geodesic domes that I pictured in the first part is serving as a green house to extend the harvest.

Glimpse's of personal expression
Glimpse’s of personal expression

And everywhere you look you find expressions of life by the people that are here living it.  From little things hanging in the trees, to the painting of sayings, to just the amount of art that pops up everywhere.

A Motto to live by
A Motto to live by

For some more beautiful pictures of this place visit this Facebook post…  “Shut Up and Grow It’ Facebook post

And yes there does seem to be a theme…”Shut Up!”  I think that too many times people speak about things that they have not yet tried and so their words echo the hypocrisy of their world view.  Here at this place, the world view is lived out not just talked about.  There is also the association with “Shut Up and Eat It” an organization that uses a mobile kitchen to provide meals across the country.

To close this post I want to say that Brenda and I are really looking forward to visiting again a little later in the year when the crops are in and I hope we can help them with some of the things going on.  Here’s a link to their website…      Shut Up and Grow It

Back to our travels, it’s time to leave this library and get back on the road.  I’ve got a couple of things to do to the van today since I finished the solar panel hookup at the beach yesterday.  Yeah, yeah that’s a plan let’s go back to the beach!


And  So . . . Get Out, Be Safe, and Go Adventure.

2 thoughts on ““Shut Up & Grow It” Part Three”

  1. Thank you for this posting I realize it has been a few years is this still there. I heard they were in Ocala Florida now. Please if you have any information I would be very grateful.


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